It took us all this time to find
There is no such thing as fate
There are no destinies
Twinned to predestination
We look through the same glass each day
Holding onto the same truths
We found fond yesterday
And kept private and dear
the weight of our truths
A covering shell
And in our darker moments
The clearing ahead of us
Shines with a light that never quite reaches
To where we stand
Tree lines hem impermeable
Giant dams
Holding back the shadows
Of today over the remains
Of a slippery past

The eyes of beauty
Cascade that same light
Quick, caught, beats unexpected
Uncanot quench the lie of desire
Well over the flooded barriers
Breached and carrying us home
Safe in the truths we keep dear

This is the distance
Each life runs
The test, the rapture
The catch in our fall
Horizon’s rising sun.